The Beginning (2012)

NOandROfilms 2012

NOandROfilms was established by two brothers, Nolan and Roman, in Janurary 26, 2012. They both focused on creating a YouTube Channel that would based on entertainment purpuses. Both of them began developing their own contribution to the channel. Nolan would participate in Roman's skits and record his own Guitar Lesson videos. On the other hand, Roman would develop skits to film and focus on his won daily vlogs. This all soon changed as time passed by and we grew older.

Today (2016)

NOandROfilms 2015

As of May 25th, 2016 NOandROfilms is still up and running with new videos being uploaded every week. The only major difference is that they are no longer skits, guitar lessons or vlogs. NOandROfilms now focuses on purely Apple tutorials, Apple news and updates. As a rapidly growing channel Roman has decided to stay focused on Apple based videos.

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