Final Cut Pro 10.2

Revolutionary video editing. Powerful media organization. Incredible performance for 4K video. The future of post-production is here. Edit without clip collisions or sync problems using the Magnetic Timeline, Clip Connections, and more. Find any clip in just a few clicks using a combination of automatic metadata and custom keywords. Take full advantage of the incredible power of Mac Pro to edit and deliver 4K video like never before. - Apple

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My Final Cut Pro 10.2 Tutorial Playlist: Final Cut Pro 10.2 Tutorial Playlist

Frequently Asked Questions

Search for a question by pressing COMMAND + F on your keyboard. CTRL + F for Windows.

- Q: I have an issue with each time that I have edited my main movie for the day then close the program for the night, open it the following day I end up with lost edits and some are either replaced or added from a completely different shoot. What do I do to not only save but back up appropriately?
- A: When making an edit aka change, the progress bar will begin to process edits. Make sure this progress bar is in the center is officially done rendering, applying changes or finalizing before closing Final Cut.

- Q:
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