May 25th 2016 2:00pm

This week I have a special Weekly Apple Update Video which covers the all new iPhone 7.

October 15th 2015 1:00pm

A new update was released for Final Cut Pro X, update 10.2.2. This video shows you how to udpate and covers what has been changed.

June 12th 2015 3:42pm

I have began my all new Final Cut Pro X tutorials and this one happens to be my favirote. I believe I cover alot in a short amount of time. Now you can begin creating your own cool animations within your videos.

May 7th 2015 11:13am

This weeek we have a new and updated version of "How to Export in iMovie 10.0.8" which needed to be updated. I personally like this tutorial because its simple and strait to the point. I hope you agree.

April 27th 2015 10:53pm

In this Weekly Apple News I show you the statistics for Apple's Q2 profit records, the inside of an Apple Watch and how many Apps are now available for you to download within the Apple Watch App Store.

April 26th 2015 7:55pm

Ths video focuses on the iMovie update (iMovie 10.0.8) that was just released this April 23rd. This is my first video post on NOandROfilms website!

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