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iMovie for Mac lets you enjoy your videos like never before. Browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood style trailers. And when you're ready to premiere on all your devices, iMovie Theater rolls out the red carpet. - Apple

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Frequently Asked Questions

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- Q: I am having export issues. I cannot export. I am getting an error when exporting. Please Help?
- A: Most exporting issues maybe resolved with a simple update of your iMovie and restart of you computer. For additional issues I suggest watching this tutorial: Solve Exporting Issues

- Q: How can you export the Project and corresponding Events from iMovie on my macbook so that I can import them into my iMac? I'm running iMovie 10.0.7.
- A: Both the iMovies on MacBook and iMac must be the same version. You may then plug in your external drive (USB, SD, or External Hard Drive) now follow this tutorial: Transfer To External Drive then use the same method to import into your iMac imovie which I also have a tutorial on.

- Q: How do I export in iMovie?
- A: In a project > top right > Share/Export > File. I have a highly favored tutorial here: How To Export

- Q: How do you do the picture in picture effect in iMovie?
- A: Open Edit features > Crop > Picture in Picture. I have a very good tutorial on this here: Picture in Picture

- Q: Thanks for the tips.. What about when youtube says you may have audio/video sync issues when done in the method?
- A: There really should be no issue. Upload to YouTube and play your video and double check for any audio issues. I have used this method for the past year and have not had any issues. Hope this helps.

- Q: Hi noandrofilms we are experiencing the high resolution photos being green and its 10.0.8.
- A: Did you import these photos from a camera, or some sort of external device? Make sure these photos are on your desktop and import them into iMovie again. In addition, rename the photos to something else and try again. If all else fails, convert the images to .png and try again. You may do this by simply changeing the name of the image from "example.jpeg" to "example.png"

- Q: How do I free up space on my hard drive through iMovie? I want to delete my old clips from iMovie that I no longer need?
- A: You may find most of your old clips in the "Rejected" section of iMovie. Here is a tutorial on this: Delete Old Videos

- Q: Is there any way to merge a separate imported Audio file into a Video clip? I am having a heck of a time editing both the Video and the Audio separately. Merging them would allow me to make one edit instead of trying to high light both each time.
- A: Yes if you create a separate projects and place your footage and align the audio below it. Now export the files, now you will have one video with the audio and footage combined. Simply import that into iMovie again and continue editing.

- Q: How do you split audio files? I want to break up my main song into two different segments, how would I do this?
- A: Having the audio clip selected in iMovie, place your curser where you would like to make the split and hit "COMMAND + B" to cut and split the audio clips. Here is also a tutorial on this: Split Audio Segments

- Q: I can't find my content library. My content library is not appearing? My content library is greyed out. What can I do?
- A: You will need to first create an event then a project before your content library shows up. Here is a tutorail: Content Library Issues

- Q: My new iPhone doesn't show up as a drive to import from?
- A: Make sure you have synced your iPhone with iTunes then give it a try again.

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